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Cigars to the Troops:

A lot has happened since Cliff Thompson interviewed me about my efforts to send Cigars to the Troops. From that single story, people have wanted to help send more cigars.One lady came into the shop the day the paper came out, she asked to speak to me . First I got a big hug from her then she asked if I would send her husband some cigars; he is serving a second tour in Afghanistan. She gave me the address and of course we sent out those cigars! A Vietnam veteran stuck his head in the door after reading the story and asked "where were you when I was in Vietnam?" You can see the response was been well recieved. The goal is to send 10,000 cigars a month to our troops overseas and all over the world. When we can do that we'll set a new goal. Please visit the CIGARS TO THE TROOPS website.
Thank for taking time to read this !
Clay Carlton, cigars to the troops

Hours of Operation :     Tuesdays – Sundays     11 a.m. – 10 p.m.